May 31 2014

Ground Floor Direct Sales Arova

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Arova – A New Home Party Company!
Contact: Advocate Care Team
Telephone: 1-844-MyArova
Fax: 844-324-5587

Arova was founded on the idea of empowering women around the world by selling their eco-friendly, handcrafted women’s accessories and gifts!

By launching into the home party industry, this is giving us an opportunity to empower women in the U.S. by providing a simple business model with unlimited earning potential.

We are calling our consultants “Advocates” because we are always advocating for the artisans!

Here are just some of the benefits of being an Arova Advocate

    • Up to 30% commission on all reorders.
    • Up to 55% commission on Launch Kits.
    • Online and direct/party sales.
    • Launch Kits starting at $198.
    • FREE business supplies with all reorders and Launch Kits.
    • FREE shipping on reorders.
    • Simple business model.
    • The company pays hostess rewards.
    • Official fundraising program (organization earns 20% while Advocate keeps her full commissions).
    • Lucrative compensation structure
  • Strong Training Program (by a top expert in the industry).


Learn more today!

Founding Member opportunities are still available.


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