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Have you heard?! The jewelry industry is changing!

Mialisia is a brand new, patent pending interchangeable jewelry company. No longer is a necklace just a necklace! You can transform just 2 pieces of our jewelry into over 24 different looks which include a necklace, bracelet, anklet, boot bling, belt, headband, layered look, and more! We also have gorgeous earrings and rings to match each of our pieces!

So, how can we make our pieces of jewelry into more than just a necklace you might ask? It’s easy! Each of our pieces of jewelry has 2 hooks on the ends of them instead of that pesky old clasp! With these hooks, you can transform your look! You can wear one piece as a necklace one day and a bracelet the next! Click here to watch our concept video! I promise you will be blown away at the idea!

Cool Idea! What is the background of the company?

Mialisia was founded by Annelise Brown (pictured left), a stay at home mom of four boys. She began designing and hand making jewelry
as a hobby in the basement of her home. Within three years she turned her hobby into a huge million dollar business; selling at craft fairs and online at and! She decided to take her business out of her basement and into the hands of people who want to sell jewelry and make their dreams come true, just like she did! Mialisia just launched in October of 2013! As of
March 20, 2014, there are 1,800 designers in the United States and Canada combined!



What does it mean that Mialisia has a patent-pending product? Mialisia’s Versastyle™ concept is so unique that the Mialisia owners
filed for a patent on it. A patent is an intellectual property right granted by the Government of the United States of America to an inventor “to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling the invention throughout the United States or importing the invention into the United States.” Now can you begin to envision
the huge potential in front of you? To be able to sell a product that no other jewelry party company OR retail store has!


You have my attention! How do I join?

Mialisia is expected to grow faster than any other home party business before! Annelise grew Mialisia into a million dollar business in just three years! Can you imagine where it will be in five, ten or fifteen years?!  We have
beautiful jewelry and an amazing compensation plan! You would make
35% commission on every sale you make! What could an extra $300, $600 or $1,000 or more a month do for you?

When you join todayyou will be given the title of Independent Designer meaning you are one of the very first to become part of the Mialisia family! Think of where other top home party sellers are right now! They are at the very top of the chain because they joined their companies when it was just starting out. That can be you!  If you sign up today and reference me, Avery Pope, you will become part of an awesome team of Mialisia sellers! My team is the fastest growing in the whole country! I am just a phone call, email or text message away from giving you immediate answers to your questions! I want to help you achieve your dreams and goals!

I am a wife and stay at home mom and I know how crazy hectic life can be. Since I have joined, I have had so much fun! Parties and events are a great way to have some “me” time! Mialisia parties are a lot of fun AND the best part – you are getting paid to do them! I joined Mialisia before it even launched and have been working with the best of the best in the company to put together everything you will need to succeed in this company! This is ground floor seating just for you!

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to join my team today and take your first steps to achieving your dreams! Have more questions? Email me at!


Avery Pope         Independent Founding Mialisia Designer


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